Steve Adcock   |  SteveAdcock.us

Run your life as you would a museum. If it’s not valuable, then it has no place in your life. A carefully curated life is a happy life. Every time.

Steven   |  Trip of a Lifestyle

All extraneous spending isn’t equal. One important differentiator is depreciation – how quickly an item’s value deteriorates over time. There are two ways to think about it: resale value and useful life.

Andrea Morris   |  No Sidebar

I read about a couple who opted to close up a bedroom of their house. They removed everything, shut the door, and pretended space didn’t exist. I immediately attached to the idea.

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    Joshua Fields Millburn   |  The Minimalists

    There’s no such thing as a credit score. If it measures your ability to go into debt, then let’s call it what it is: a debt score.

    Nick Maggiulli   |  Of Dollars And Data

    Spending determines everything when it comes to reaching financial independence. If you can find ways to be happy while spending less, you already own one of the most valuable assets in the world.

    AR   |  Accidentally Retired

    Even if your title is the same, even if your role is the same, continuously learning and improving is the single best way to guarantee yourself a big raise, promotion or job on the open market.

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    Daniel Shin   |  The Darwinian Doctor

    I believe there are two levels of cash flow that can be life changing: $1 of cash flow, and cash flow equal to 20% of your annual income.

    Jody Chudley   |  Wealthy Retirement

    Because of what I do, people think I have winning lottery tickets rattling around my brain that they could cash in if I’d only share them.

    Ben Carlson   |  A Wealth of Common Sense

    Permanently divorcing physical location from economic opportunity gives us a real shot at radically expanding the number of good jobs in the world while also dramatically improving quality of life for millions, or billions, of people.

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    Tom Redmayne   |  Mantaro Money

    Next time you find yourself trying to create, make a financial decision, problem solve, build a new workflow, or whatever it may be – remember The Bull.

    John C.   |  Action Econ

    Hiring your kids is a great idea to teach life skills and to build massive generational wealth. You don’t need an existing business or to run a business as your full time occupation, a small side hustle can do.

    Lisa   |  A Lawyer and Her Money

    Too many of my purchases were “I really wanted that but this is good enough.” Not anymore. It’s what I want or nothing. And for many causes, I really do hope it’s nothing.

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    Big Ern   |  Early Retirement Now

    Be frugal all you want, but most people also benefit from splurging a little bit and leaving at least a few strategic “breadcrumbs” to the outside world to signal a degree of “normalcy.”

    Joel   |  Budgets Are Sexy

    Check out this website called Swimply. It’s like AirBnB, but for backyard pools. Tell your date to pack a swimsuit and towel, and then surprise them by rolling up to a mansion for some private hot tub relaxing!

    J.D. Roth   |  Get Rich Slowly

    I have never purchased a savings bond. That’s about to change. Right now, I like them better than a savings account or CD!

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